36 hours in Seattle.

My friends and I flew to Seattle of the first time to explore the city. We did a mini two day trip that left little room for sleep. Starting off in San Francisco we all flew with Delta, sipping on Lagunitas (my fave!). Once we landed in Seattle, we dropped our bags off at the Embassy and ventured off to find us some food and drinks. We stopped at a fun restaurant called Rumba Rhum on Pike St. We

IMG_0050.jpg ordered a bunch of tacos, empanadas, chicharrones &tasty rum drinks. The food was delicious! Everything tasted authentic and the rum drinks wereIMG_0053.jpg refreshing. WARNING: the chicharrones are addicting!

After dinner we headed to The Hideout for more drinks. The place was filled with really cool art deco from local artist that were for sale. On the tables, there were sketch books so that anyone could sketch. To top off the cool art surrounding us, a beautiful chandler hung in the middle of the room.

Since it was a Tuesday, the place was emptIMG_0077.jpgy.  Having the place to ourselves was perfect. No lines for the bathrooms, long waits for drinks and hilarious conversations with good friends. We ordered few drinks called the Any Warhol martini. The drink was really good and it came with the service of the bartender taking a Polaroid of you. We decided to have a photoshoot and ordered a few Andy Warhol’s.

After a few martinis we decided to check out a some more bars. We decided to check out the gay district and by following the rainbow cIMG_0133ement road, we ended up at the Unicorn Bar. This area was busy and filled
with people, reminded me a lot of San Francisco. The bar is located on 1118 E Pike St.. And OMG this bar is my Lisa and Frank childhood fantasy dream come true but with alcohol! The bar is carnival themed with over the top colors, rampant stripes, salvaged carousel panels, and menagerie of taxidermy, its insane.unicornsprinkles1









The menu was even more fun, especially when you have the option to order unicorn droppings! The food options aren’t the healthiest but they seem fun to try. The drink menu was even better! Of course we tried the different unicorn drinks, the ‘my little pony’ drink and ended the night with a birthday cake shot. This is definitely my favorite bar in Seattle.

Day two consisted of heading down to the fish markets and explore downtown. We started the day by heading over to the Starbucks. BUT this wasn’t any kind of Starbuck, this was the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room and its as fancy as it sounds! The menu is completely different when compared to the traditional Starbucks menus & he to-go cups are reusable!



After we refilled on coffee we headed down to the gum wall and fish market!IMG_0317.jpg



IMG_0360.jpgIMG_0320 (1).jpg

We headed back to the airport later in the evening. All in all it was a great trip filled with a lot of laughs, walking, good food and new memories!



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