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If you haven’t been to LUSH yet…YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

I discovered LUSH around the time I first moved to San Francisco. The smell of the store on Powell St drew me in. The sale associates are super friendly EVERYWHERE. Every time I go in to restock my favorites, it takes everything in me not to buy the whole store. The best part is that there’s testers everywhere and the staff give free demos! I got a free facial the first time I walked in and fell in love. I wasn’t pressured to buy anything and was given samples to take home. I was back within the week to get a new skin routine. Here are my favorites that I can’t live without.

  1. The fresh face masks. The word FRESH shouldn’t be taken lightly. These masks need to be refrigerated, which makes these masks THAT much better! It’s a comforting to know that the ingredients are all natural and I’m not putting harsh chemicals on my skin. I first started with Brazened Honey. It made my skin glow and feel so soft. Its still one of my favorites but so is Rosy Cheeks & Don’t Look at Me. I’m obsessed with the smell of Rosy Cheeks and the color of Don’t Look at Me… and of course the benefits of both ¬† ūüėČ0733abd6e8a4bf2bb8aee10a97827697.jpg
  2. Lush Full of Grace Serum Bar. This bar is packed with chamomile and mushroom extracts, this bar melts into an oil when massaged between your palms, and soaks into skin. I use it under my face masks to add a little more goodness to my skin.
  3. Angels on Bare Skin. I use this amazing face was every morning and every night. This face wash was what brought me back to LUSH after running out of my sample. My skin was so soft! The¬†finely ground almonds and lavender flowers gently exfoliate away dry skin. The added lavender oil soothes and balances, and rose absolute to calm redness. It’s no wonder why its called Angels on Bare Skin.
  4. Dark Angels. This is a charcoal face wash that gently exfoliates and absorb excess oils leaving skin feeling fresh and matte. I like to use this once a week since it is a bit harsh. I wear makeup 5/7 days a week. So I needed something that will get deep into my skin and remove oil and yucky stuff.
  5. Big Solid Conditioner &¬†Jason And The Argan Oil Solid Shampoo. These two products combined changed my hair for the better. I have naturally wavy hair and thought out the years of straightening it, my waves started to disappear. I can only have my hair down for the day, by the next day it goes limp and sort of oilily. The shampoo made my hair fresh and non greasy for two days! I could enjoy my hair being down for two days and it still smelled fresh. The conditioner not only made my hair wavy again but it brought out more waves! I couldn’t believe it! I was a bit skeptical at first because of the price and amount but both products are¬†were very concentrated so a little went a long way!93a77c269c7f5ed8cdc4e40fcd7ae2e5.jpga10fb86f4a3ee7a47a69741615ce7f46.jpg
  6. R&B hair moisturizer. I use this as a leave-in conditioner. It’s packed with ¬†so many hydrating oils like, olive ¬†coconut, jojoba and candelilla oil. It also has avocado butter! I use it twice a week and it makes my hair so soft and shiny.
  7. Let The Good Times Roll. My favorite face exfoliant. It has a rich caramel sent and the tiny grains gently scrub off all the yuckyness off my fave leaving it fresh, soft and moisturized. I used is once a week.
    imageI highly recommend checking out a local Lush store near you to see what they have for you and your needs. These are some of my favorites and I cant wait to check out their new products. The best part about lush is that in every country the store has some products that cant be found in other locations. So when you travel, try to check out a Lush near by!


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