144 hours in Mexico.

Guanajuato has been on the top of my traveling list for a while. I finally got a chance to visit my family in Mexico City and visit Guanajuato with my cousins. Weeks leading up to this trip, all I could think about is all the delicious food and michelada cubana beers! TACOS, MARISCOS & BEER! OH MY!

 Flying nonrev is 80% great and 20% stressful.I met my cousin in LAX and due to the seat availability we had to take separate flights. We landed in Mexico with only a few hour apart from each other. When I my cousins came to pick me up we went straight to my favorite taqueria, La Casa del Pastor! Seriously, the BEST tacos de al pastor EVERRRR. After filling our bellies we headed to my cousin’s apartment to get some rest before our adventures in Mexico begin.


The next morning my cousin and I realized we bother forgot a hair blowdryer. The best part about my cousin’s apartment is that they have a salon in the building, two gyms, a theater and pools on the roof. His place is amazing. So we decided to hit the gym first, then shower, get ready and head to the salon for a blow out. It cost 250 pesos which is about 10 dollars.. 10 dollars for a blow out!


After we took a walk around the neighborhood and waited for our cousin to get out of a meeting. He picked us up and we headed to another favorite restaurant, Mi Gusto Es. This place has delicious mariscos! (seafood). We ordered the molcajete dish that comes with a variation of seafood, soaked in a spicy lime juice. We also ordered quesadillas de camaron and micheladas cubanas.


After our bellies were filled we headed over the Club America soccer game! Our cousin bought us tickets for the semi-final. We bought some caps before entering the stadium and even got interviewed by a local tv station, it was super embarrassing! The game itself was so much fun. They serve buckets of corona, chips of different flavors with lime and chili sauce, cup of noodles with lime and chili, and so many other spicy delicious snacks. Club America won and we celebrated at a local taqueria, of course, more tacos!

The next day consisted of art and food <3 We started the day with fruit bowls and this delicious mango juice that has soy milk mixed in. Sounds weird, and i wish I look a picture, but it was so refreshing and tasty. My cousin Luis had meetings in morning, so my cousin Susie and I walked over to the museum, which is about 5 min walk from my cousin Luis’s apartment. The museum is called Museo Soumaya. It’s free entry and the art galleries never change. I’ve visited before so it’s a perfect way to cool off and/or kill time if your in the city. Theres beautiful pieces in it my Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros; along with other great artist.

After the museum we headed back to the apartment to meet my cousin Luis to get something to eat. We headed to Mercado Roma. Mercado Roma is similar to a swap meet, but more hipster and instead of clothes, its all restaurants. You walk around and waiters from each mini restaurant hand you menus. Towards the back is the seating area and this is where you feast! It was as if we died and rose to heaven. We ordered allllll kinds of different tacos. My favorite were the tacos de mole poblano and atún asado (grilled tuna). The mojitos were so fresh and for dessert we grabbed churros from El Morro. These churros are heaven sent!! After we ate, more family met up with us and we headed up stairs to the terrace, for more drinks. IMG_3257.jpgIMG_3267.jpgIMG_3223.jpgIMG_3259.jpgIMG_3247.jpgIMG_3263.jpg

We ended out night hanging out at my cousin’s apartment roof top, just relaxing before our mini road trip the next morning.

We started our day super early at Cielito, which is comparable to Starbucks, they’re all over the city. The best part? They know how to spell my name!! Not Rachel, Rachelle, but RAQUEL!


We hit the road to San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato! It was about a 3 hour drive from Mexico City. When we finally arrived the streets were so small with cobble stone. The buildings were all painted warm colors of red, orange, yellow and brown. We parked in a local parking garage and began our adventure. First things first, FOOD! We were so hungry and ready for a drink. I found a few roof top restaurants thanks to Pinterest. The first two were closed due to maintenance. The first one was called El Palomar. The hotel manager was nice enough to let us go up regardless of the maintenance so that we could see the view and take pictures.


The second terrace restaurant we tried was at the Rosewood Hotel. The walk we stopped to look around small shops and to admire the details of this puebla. All the doors had one of a kind door knockers, the windows had flowers spilling out from the pots and the wall were painted with rich colors. The Rosewood Hotel was absolutely beautiful. Walking into the main entrance, made you feel elegant, as if you were in a 1950’s classic movie. Their terrace was also closed, so we decided to grab a drink at their bar and admire their garden.

IMG_3344.jpgIMG_3518.jpgIMG_3480.jpgIMG_3356.jpgIMG_3315 (1).jpgIMG_3355.jpgIMG_3522.jpgIMG_3479.jpg

After a couple of beers we headed to a third terrace restaurant and struck gold. We finally were able to sit and eat on a terrace over looking the city at La Posadita. The waiters were super friendly and recommended so many delicious dishes. They also have the best sangria I’ve tasted!


After we ate we walked around some more near the cathedral, local shops and grabbed desert from a guy selling handmade ice cream <3


We left San Miguel around the evening time and got back to Mexico City around 8pm. My cousin’s friends invited us for drinks at their place. We were tired from being in the sun but figured why not! We eventually ended up all going to a local club for a couple of hours, then headed home. The remainder of the weekend we spent with more family and eating more. Breakfast consisted of either churros from El Moro, coffee and pan dulce from Esperanza’s or chilaquiles Matilde’s. We cheered my cousin on during his Superman marathon and drank fresh squeezed juice from a street vender. And or last meal with my family was at an amazing restaurant called Cabanna. The wait was kinda long but the restaurant serves complementary small beers and appetizers for those that are waiting to be seated! The seafood here was amazing! we ordered different little dishes. My faorite was the primavera tostada, which was a seafood overload tostada.


The next morning we headed to the airport and back to reality. We had such a great time being with our family it was hard to go. I can’t wait to visit Mexico again <3

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