hola SAN JUAN.

72 hours in San Juan, Puerto Rico <3


Flew to Puerto Rico with the Dream Team! This trip was beyond perfect. We havent taken a trip all together in so long, it was long over due.

We flew on Delta and made first class from SFO to JFK to SJU. #winning We checked into the beautiful Caribe Hilton  and headed straight to the pool for food and drinks! The hotel has its own private beach along with pools with a bar in the middle of it. We relaxed for a few hours then headed back to the rooms to shower and get ready for the dinner.


We ate dinner in Old San Juan. I had my first mofongo. A Puerto Rican plantain dish. It was amazing! Mine came with chicken smothered in a garlic mushroom sauce. It was incredible. Til this day I crave M O F O N G O!


After dinner the waiter suggested some bars to check out. We walked around and grabbed some drinks at La Cubanita, a small authentic-rustic bar with the BEST bartender.  La Cubanita was surrounded by other fun bars, the drinks were so good &refreshing, the atmosphere was something like out of a movie and the bartender was amazing. He made us all kinds of different drinks and knew what he was doing. He made a whiskey sour with a real egg!
IMG_4707.jpgIMG_4502.jpgScreen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.40.51 PM.jpg

From here we walked around and saw a sign that said 5 dollar martinis… we said HELL YES!


The rest of the night was history!

The next day consisted of the 3 B’s… Brunch, Beach and Beer.



After a few hours we hit the town for some drinks, food and exploring. We ate mofongo again but was served a bit different and didn’t have the cream sauce. regardless, it was delicious.The restaurant was called Raices and grabbed drinks at Las Palmas.



We ended our last night bar hopping,which included La Cubanita. We only going 3 hours of sleep then headed to the airport heading back to reality.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.31.40 PM.jpg

I miss cooling off with cold drinks during the warm nights and relaxing under the palm trees during the day. The poor lit streets at night with faded latin music playing off in the distance. And of course, MOFONGO. Pure perfection!


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.38.07 PM.jpg


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