72 hours in Bolzano, Itlay <3


Traveled all the way to Bolzano, Italy to see my amazing friend Stef. We met in San Francisco at our internship and thanks to Delta, traveling to visit her is like walking a few blocks down the street, a piece of cake. IMG_6999.JPG

From SFO I travelled to JFK then to Milan. For those who don’t know where Bolzano is, don’t worry neither did I. Bolzano is in northern Italy and used to be apart of Austria before being taken over by the Italian.  It a region where people speak both Italian and German. From Milan airport or Venice airport you need to take a train. I was a little nervous but it was so easy to figure out and people were super helpful. I booked my ticket from a kiosk and waited inside a Sephora for my train. The Milan train station is so beautiful and I will be back to see the beautiful city. IMG_7010.jpgIMG_7011.jpg

After a long train ride and a good sleep I was finally in Bolzano!IMG_7034 2.jpgIMG_7036.jpg

My friend kept warning me that Bolzano is super tiny… and it’s definitely not as small as she made it seem. There a bunch of small restaurants, shops, cafes and farmers markets. The town is beautiful filled with Austrian architecture, it was hard to believe I was still in Italy. It was also surreal to be in a city and not be surrounded by other American tourists, there were mostly German tourists. We grabbed a cappuccinos right away and some cake. It was so nice to catch up and be with her in her home town.IMG_7096.jpg

We walked around a little then grabbed some appetizers for aperitivo, which is like a happy hour. During aperitivo you drink certain cocktails and small dishes of food. Aperol or wine are the popular aperitivo drink.


Afterwards we headed to her home and get ready for dinner. We decided to eat tradition Austrian food and save the authentic Italian dishes for our time in Verona. We headed to this cozy restaurant in the city center and had authentic Strudel. I cant even begin to explain how amazing this dish is and it hits the spot on a cold night. With our tummies full and our eyes heavy, it was time to go home and take a good night sleep.IMG_7029.jpg

The next day we got ready to walk around the city center and do some exploring eating and shopping. IMG_7499.jpgIMG_7101.PNGIMG_7041.jpgIMG_7046.jpgIMG_7091.jpgIMG_7055.jpgIMG_7048.jpgIMG_7045.jpg

After a long day of shopping, coffee sipping and cake eating, we headed home to get ready for dinner. Stef took me to this big restaurant with little restaurants inside, you can book these little cottages for a private party that are located outside. They were booked for the night but looked super cute! We ordered some pasta bowl with a South Tyrol twist. The green pasta is called Spatzle mixed with pieces of ham.. OMG I wished the whole bowl was filled with it. It was so delicious!


We ended the night grabbing drinks at the Hilton Hotel. There was a convention going on so it was pretty lively. We couldn’t stay long because we were heading to Verona early in the morning but first stopping at Riva de Garda.

Check out Riva de Garda in the next post, hola VERONA.


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