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A day trip to Dublin from San Francisco turned into spending a few extra days with my boyfriend. I was happy enough to get the days off and even more happy to finally visit a Christmas market. Ive only seen Europe’s Christmas markets on Pinterest, so I know I was in for a treat.

My friends and I landed in Dublin around 930am, we waited for about an hour for some other friends to land. We killed time by playing UNO and taking pictures with Santa. DSC00124.jpg

Our Air BnB was located in a tech area and near the Facebook office. The apartment we were staying at had incredible views and walking distance to the Temple Bar area.


After showering and getting changed we hit the streets in search of Guinness pints and Dublin’s Christmas market.


We grabbed some pints and food at the Temple Bar. This was the first time I ordered food at The Temple Bar. We ordered sandwiches, and these sandwiches did not disappoint. They were gigantic with fresh turkey, cheese, avocado and huge slices of bacon. The sides included a piece of cake.

IMG_7772.jpgDSC00175.jpgIMG_7758.jpgDSC00178.JPGDSC00186 2.JPG

 From the bar we went searching for Dublin’s Christmas market.

0A3709ED-0F5C-4E26-B9F1-14A9629F64F3.JPGDSC00195.JPGDSC00199.JPGWe had zero luck finding the Christmas market but found my boyfriend, he was meeting up with us after he was done with work. We all headed to the center to do some shopping instead. At this point most of us were tired and wanted to take a nap before going out again for beers. My boyfriend and returned with everyone to the apartment but only to get my things. Him and I were driving back to his home.

The majority of the time was spent with him and his family. Running errands with his mom and watching TV with the fam. The one thing we did have planned was going to the Christmas market in Belfast.

Before heading to the Christmas market we stopped at NewLook. When in Ireland SHOP AT NEWLOOK. They were have a great sale so I stocked up on sweaters and a new grey coat. Down the street you can see City Hall lit up beautifully and the excitement kicks in. The market was so beautiful and packed with all kinds of vendors from around the world selling food and trinkets.


It was freezing so it was only right to bust out the faux fur coat. The market was pretty big so the game plan was to walk around it first then go around a second time to buy and try. There were so many different food options to pick from. We decided on German sausage dogs, Baklava, and different candies.  695ECE1B-20EA-4496-83D7-A55E368417FD.jpgDSC00256.jpgDSC00248.jpgDSC00247.jpgDSC00249.jpgDSC00255.jpgDSC00258.jpgDSC00266.JPG

We ended the night the best way to end a magical evening at a Christmas market.. with a steiner of strawberry beer at the beer house. DSC00269.JPGDSC00279.jpgDSC00272.JPGB0DB0CF2-22A9-48DD-93D1-0356B2F69468.jpgIMG_7821.JPG


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