S F M O M A.

The SF MOMA is now the largest modern museum inĀ America. A little hard to believe when San Francisco is only 7×7 miles. So Gavin and I decided to check it out and spend the day at the museum. We went on a Wednesday in the afternoon thinking it wouldn’t be too busy since a lot of people would be working. We were definitely mistaken! The place was packed and the line was so long to buy tickets. The line made us reconsider if we wanted to spend our first day together in a congested facility. We ultimately decided to suck it up and get in line. I’m glad we did cause the museum was incredible. A lot of the art exhibits were really interesting and there were so many rooms and floors. and of course there was a lot of art that also made us say “why!?” {keep in mind a lot of modern art looks like anyone could have done it}. Nevertheless we had a fascinating first day

DSC00497.jpgDSC00493.jpgDSC00496.JPGDSC00505.JPGDSC00519.JPGDSC00527.JPGDSC00564 2.jpgDSC00545.JPGDSC00500.jpgDSC00570.jpgDSC00511.jpg

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