finding hidden treasure.


Let’s face it, current designer items are lovely but there’s no better feeling than coming across a one of a kind item in a thrift store or on ebay! As much as I love shopping at the mall or the cutest boutiques in San Francisco, thrift stores and ebay will always be my go-to. Theres a sense of reward when you find a hidden treasure after scouring though endless racks or bidding online, and when you look at the price tag… run, don’t walk to the cashier! It’s exactly like the scene from Netflix’s original, “Girl Boss” when she finds that awesome one of a kind metallic leather jacket.


Suede jackets have been around for a while, and with fall 2017 coming around the corner, they’re going to be here to stay. A few months ago I had my heart set on getting my hands on a  camel color suede jacket. But to my surprise all of the major shopping stores carried expensive jackets for imitation suede. I wouldn’t mind owning am imitation sure jacket but not for 100+ dollars. So I decided to hit up ebay. And there it was, on page ONE.. a small, genuine suede, camel fringe jacket for SEVETY FIVE DOLLARS!! the best part was that the listing was about to expire and it seemed that the jacket was up for a long time with 0 buyers interested. This meant there was room for a negotiation 🙂 I sent a request price for $50 and the seller agreed! YASS


One week later, this sweet jacket was on my door step calling out to be worn and loved! I get so many compliments on it and the best part is when I tell people I got in on ebay. They’re eyes get so big as they say in disbelief, REALLY!?!


Moral of the story, don’t get suckered into name brands. Take the time to look at the material of the item, where it’s made and if the price justifies them both. If no, keep searching, If yes, get it!

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