little seed farm.

Over a year ago I came across Little Seed Farm at Target, when looking for a charcoal face soap. The ingredients were all natural, smelled refreshing and for the price, I was sold. I was sent more products to try and they’re all wonderful. DSC03736.jpeg

their story:Little Seed Farm is a family owned business located in Lebanon, Tennessee. Together, Eileen and James Ray moved from NYC to craft organic soaps and skincare products that not only leave your skin feeling/looking marvelous but are also environmental friendly. Each product is produced using solar energy, organic oils, healing herbs and goats milk from their very own goats! The products are all Paraben free, GMO free and no animal testing.


The Products

Essential Body OilDSC03748.jpegThe essential body oil was one of the pieces that came with the gift set. I purposely chose to try the lavender scent gift box because working for an airline can be stressful. Before work, I mix the oil with my favorite body lotion, throughout my shift I could smell notes of lavender from time to time. Before bed, I dab the oil alone on my neck and chest  for a goodnights sleep. The oil itself made my skin soft especially on areas that need more moisture attention.

The Lavender Bar Soap,DSC03773 3.jpeg

The soap bar is the second item that comes in the lavender gift box. This is the second bar I’ve tried. The lavender calmed trouble spots on my face and left my body feeling and smelling incredible. The steam in the shower carries the lavender notes, making the shower time last much longer and much more relaxing! Applying the essential oil after creates a layering effect, thus allowing the lavender scent to last longer throughout the day.  There soooo many more soaps try, I cant wait to collect them all!

Herbal Lip SalveDSC03744.jpeg

Last but not least, the third item in the gift set is the lip salve. One of my pet peeves is having chapped lips. I need to carry chapstick with me at all times. I’ve used the same brand for the last 5 years. My favorite has finally met its match. This lip salve is light and keeps my lips conditioned for hours. I like carrying it with me just so I can smell it when feeling a little stressed at work. Theres so many other scents to choose from and the scents all sound amazing!

The Elasticity Serum,DSC03739.jpeg

This magic potion is packed with hazelnut oil, organic rosemary essential oil, spearmint essential oil, geranium essential oil, and lavender essential oil. At a young age I remember learning not to use wrinkle creams because their meant for mature skin. A lot of wrinkle cream can eventually cause harm to your skin. So I decided to take the more natural road by using vitamin E oil or Bio-Oil on my face before going to bed. This serum is now added to my daily and nightly regimen. Right away my face had a glow and felt so soft. Im excited to see more results as time goes on.

Deodorant Cream,DSC03740.jpeg

I was a little skeptical about trying a natural deodorant. I wasn’t sure if it could actually hold up during sweaty times. The scent is very strong and smells very citrusy, so I thought maybe just maybe it can work. After two days wearing it around the house my armpits felt much softer and the lemon scent never seemed to disappear. Now for the big test.. wearing this at work. My work day consist of managing gate houses, making sure gate agents are meeting and closing doors on time. I packed my travel size Dove deodorant just incase this cream deodorant failed. IT DIDN’T! In between fights I ran to the restroom to check and my armpits smelled like lemons! I couldn’t believe it. I’m so happy to throw out my old deodorant and only use the deodorant cream. The plus? less chemicals being used on my body!

Head over to their Instagram (@littleseedfarm) & website to check out all their products, different scents and cute goats!


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