Flower Power with Thayers


Witch Hazel may be one of the oldest beauty ingredients around that can be used for so many different uses. From de-clogging pores to scalp treatment to treating bruises; there’s hundreds of uses for witch hazel. The only thing you need to do is find a brand that suites you and your budget. I came across Thayers when lingering in the beauty aisle in Target. The rose petal scent is what originally caught my eye. I love all beauty products that are rose scented or infused. Paying a little more attention to the label, I liked that it was alcohol free, made with an aloe vera formula and the company has been around since 1847.


I immediately fell in love with the Thayers toner after my first use. The scent of roses isn’t too strong nor too soft. My skin felt extremely clean and the best part, it didn’t leave my skin feeling dry. I knew from then on that this toner would forever be apart of my beauty regimen.


The lovely Thayer team sent me a fun package a couple weeks ago packed with some goodies. I was excited to receive my favorite toner not only in their regular size bottle but in a travel size as well! They also sent me the rose petal body bar, which is out of this world!


They also sent another toner in lavender that pairs so well with some lavender products I also really enjoy using. You can check out those products here.


If you’re in search of a toner or never thought of using one, you have to try Thayers. It’s honestly the best toner that’s out there that’ll leave your skin with a glow, feeling fresh and looking great. For the price and quality, you honestly cant go wrong.



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