spin class going UP on a tuesday.

I attended my first Flywheels spin class with Bare Snacks. Spin classes have been a major hype lately, why? beats me! So I decided to check it out. Flywheel Sports is located in one area in the city, off Market & Spears St. First things first, the bikes are no joke! They provide special shoes that clip into the petals. A very nice staff member helped me get situated by helping find my assigned bike, adjusting the bike to my height and clipping my shoes in. The class starts and the music is immediately fun! and they turn down the lights, so don’t worry about looking like an idiot.. no one can see you 🙂 The only type of spin class I ever took was at a local gym.. this was nothing like that. It was tough but really really fun! The instructor was super energetic which made the class fly by and before I knew it was time to cool down. After class, Bare Snacks had some goodie bags packed with their all natural dried-fruit products for us to take home. The Flywheels facility is a block or so away from the Bay Bridge so I decided to cool off with a short walk and admire the city for a bit.








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