The Conservatory of Flowers

If you come to San Francisco..
Be sure to check out The Conservatory of Flowers.

Spending a late Sunday afternoon with my boyfriend in Golden Gate Park is a perfect way to end a weekend. There’s so much to see and you might walk right into a fun event, like we did. From Fulton St. we walked into the park making our way to Conservatory, and on the way we walked into an outdoor roller disco event.

The Conservatory of Flowers is beautifully sits on open landscape. Many come to enjoy the sun by having picnics and a few drinks with friends on the open lawns. If you love in San Francisco, you can buy a ticket for $6 and $9 on Sundays. Each room is set to a certain temperature that caters to the plants’ needs. Some rooms are really warm and others are cool. Each room is beautiful and packed with all kinds of different plants and flowers, so take your time admiring all the plants.

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