72 hours in Arizona.

Like many of you, I am obsessed with Pinterest. From food to fashion, from fitness to home remedies, you can find everything you need help with. Amongst the 20+ boards I have, my favorite one is my “Wanderlust” board. Filled with travel destinations and travel guides to everywhere I want to go. The Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon I can’t finally scratch off my travel list.

TRANSPORTATION: renting a car in Phoenix is a must. Our hotel was a 30 min drive from the airport and it was cheaper renting a car than having to pay for Uber or Lyft. Getting to Antelope Canyon, you will definitely need a car. It’s a four hour drive from Phoenix and it’s a spectacular drive. You’ll see the Grand Canyon off in the distance and you’ll have the opportunity to stop on the side of the road and buy some trinkets from the local Native Americans. Once you arrive to Antelope Canyon, there is a parking lot that you’ll have to park in, and the tour guides will load you up into a truck and take you to the Canyon.

WHERE TO STAY: The Boulders Resort. This hotel is incredible and speaks for itself. The whole property consists of cacti and boulders. After checking in the friendly staff show you where to park then take you to your room via a golf cart. There’s pathways located all through the property that lead to the pool, spa, restaurants, and the best place to see the sunset. Hallways don’t exist here, you are forced to come outside and enjoy the beautiful nature of the desert. The staff here are also amazing and so friendly! They will pick you up in a heartbeat if you don’t feel like walking or will offer you a ride if they see you walking. I definitely recommend taking the time to experience this hotel.

WHAT TO EAT: Liberty Station & Big John’s Texas BBQ. Both places had amazing bbq and service. When at Liberty Station order the Tavern Burger, a delicious burger topped with pulled pork and served with house fries. My mouth continues to water every time I think about it. Big John’s Texas BBQ is near the Antelope Canyon, it’s the perfect place to eat after a long day. From ribs to pulled pork nachos, it’s so tasty and the perfect wait to feed your appetite.

WHERE TO GO: Antelope Canyon and the Horseshoe Bend were the two places we had in mind for this trip. For the Antelope Canyon you need to buy tickets online beforehand. When looking for tickets, it seemed like every site was sold out. We got lucky enough to find one site that had four tickets. 70 dollars each for a guided tour. It’s important to be there an hour before for check in. We got there 40 mins before and had some trouble getting check in properly but shout out to Lala for helping us out and making everything work out for the best! The Horseshoe Bend is not too far and free. It’s is a small hike from the parking lot area to the marvelous view. There were so many people there so be prepared to help take pictures for some and taking turns taking pictures at some popular points along the edge. We bought a blanket so we could sit and watch the sunset, along with taking even cuter pictures. Both locations were stunning and definitely worth the long drive.

George Washington’s silhouette. ^

WHAT TO WEAR: Light layers during the day and into the night are a must. It’s extremely hot in Phoenix ,no matter what time a day it is. I made sure to pack some loose fit shorts, light tops, a light layering jacket, AND because I’m an over packer.. jeans, a jacket and booties, because “what if it gets cold”.

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