TRENDZ: THE leopard print skirt.

To know me is to know that I love animal print, especially leopard/cheetah print. I’m a strong believer in adding just the right touch to just about any outfit can take it to the next level, but add too much and you know belong on the set of Jersey Shore. If you’re like me then I think it’s safe to say that leopard print has become a staple piece you’d want to keep in your closet because luckily for us it’s here to stay yet again for another season!

Just about any store from Forever 21 to Neiman Marcus, you can find your leopard print staple item but the one skirt that is currently trending is the Naomi skirt from Realisation Par. This satin skirt is starting to make its way through Instagram, Pinterest and into my closet. From summer to fall this skirt can be worn year round with a tank, a simple white blouse, sweaters and/or a turtleneck. Made out of 100% silk satin, this little number costs $180.

It could be worth the splurge but if you’re ballin on a budget there’s also great alternatives. One alternative that I came across was eBay. I found the exact skirt for $18, but I don’t know how great the quality is nor do I know if once received, its the same skirt. Second alternative is from Who What Wear’s Target collection. This skirt is also trending across social media and for a great price. It is asymmetrical, which made me a little unsure about the purchase but moving it around my waist until the skirt fell perfect made me say, Yes!

There’s so many reasons to be excited for fall each year, and leopard print just got added once again!

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