summer friday- jet lag mask review.

dsc03269lrg_dsc08548The new mask that that has taken over the beauty world by storm is the Summer Friday, Jet Lag Mask, created by Marianna Hewitt & Lauren Ireland. The reviews have been so positive so I needed to try it for myself even though I was skeptical of this Instagram hype.  My skin has been so dull, and tired looking from working and wearing makeup just about everyday. So I was ready to try something new, and what was a deciding factor was that I could wear this mask at night! I ordered mine from Sephora and when it arrived, I was like a kid at Christmas.. ripping through the packaging. For the pretty penny and the amount of product you need to use to see a difference, I wish

thelrg_dsc08700 product was a little bigger. Next was obviously to smell the product and it didn’t have a great smell, it didn’t smell bad but it didn’t smell good. which on a positive note, you don’t want perfumes and more chemicals added to a mask. Nest was to obviously try the mask.. I first used it as an overnight mask and when i woke up my skin was very soft and plump. I then used it as a primer andlrg_dsc08652 my makeup last all day! & when I say all day, I mean I walked my a mirror and had to ask myself why did my makeup still look so good. Then I remembered I used the mask as a primer. I do own a primer but I don’t use it because the less chemicals I can add to my makeup routine the better. So I was happy that this mask thats packed with a lot of good stuff was being used as a primer, this was a product I can stand behind. The use of this product as an actual mask, I like to add one of the two oils I love,lrg_dsc08724Bio Oil and The Little Seed Farm elasticity oil. When mixing an oil with the mask creates the true business class upgrade for your skin. I then use a damp cloth to wipe the excess product off and my skin looks and feels amazing!! I’ve used this every other night before bed and I love how my skin looks and feels the next day! My skin looks so refreshed, nice and glowy. If you travel a lot this is a great mask to use before your flight, during and in your final destination. You skin will love you and you wont look like a freak with alrg_dsc08657 sheet mask on your face while in flight. This product is worth every penny and its a great item to keep around. Keep in mind what works for me may not work for you, and that’s okay. If you have something that’s working now for you, stay with it. If you’re like me and are looking for something that works, this may be it. I have combination oily skin. My T-zones are oily while the sides of my face are normal. I will definitely be repurchasing this product again, and looking forward to their new product!!




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