Pure Egyptian Magic

For many many years I’ve heard and seen “Egyptian Magic” in a variety of stores. The ingredients listed made me wonder if this stuff was really “magic” and worth the price..
Egyptian Magic‘s team was kind enough to send me some product to try out and review. Well, I can now say that, YES, yes it’s magic, yes, its worth the price, and yes, you wont ever need anything else ever again.

Celebs have been buzzing about this “cream” for a while now, and so many swear by it. I can see why! the formula itself isn’t a typical cream nor a oil, its firm like a pomade but melts at the touch of a finger. I guess you can call it a balm? What blew me away was just how multi purpose this cream really is! From a face mask, to a primer, to healing burns, to hair conditioning to treating eczema. The list goes on and it’s incredible what this jar can do.

Now thats its fall, my skin tends to get dry very easily. from chapped lips to dry hands and everything in between, I am constantly reapplying lotion and chapstick. the first week, I wanted to try this as an over night mask. I was blown away by the results, my skin honestly looked and felt so much younger and soft! I also wore it on days that I don’t wear makeup and this glow it gives me, is incredible. My skin drank it up and it was never left oily or felt like I had residue sitting on my face.

The ingredients in the formula is what makes this cream so special with a very subtle scent of honey. Packed with olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, &bee propolis, all key ingredients that create the perfect “healing” balm, cream

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