If you come to San Francisco..
Be sure to visit Coit Tower.

Sitting pretty, up on a Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower looks over the whole city. Built in 1932, Coit Tower was built upon the request ofLillie Hitchcock Coit.

Lillie Coit was an eccentric wealthy socialite whom enjoyed smoking cigars and wearing trousers long before it was socially acceptable for women to do so. She was an avid gambler and often dressed like a man in order to gamble in the males-only establishments throughout North Beach. Look up badass in a dictionary, and you’ll see her photo there.. at least it should be.

When Lillie Coit passed, her will read that she wished for one third of her fortune, amounting to $118,000, to be expended in an appropriate manner for the purpose of adding to the beauty of the city which I have always loved”.


Two memorials were built in her name. One was Coit Tower, and the other was a sculpture depicting three firemen, one of them carrying a woman in his arms.

Murals from artist all around the world, including one of my favorites, Diego Rivera, are located all throughout the entry way of the tower.

Each mural depicting racial equality and political ideas. Once you walk around the entry way, you come across an elevator that will take you up to a case of stairs.

The 360 degree view from the top is incredible, especially on a sunny day. You can see as far as the Bay Bridge to the San Francisco skyline to the Golden Gate Bridge to Fisherman’s Warf . Each window has its own spectacular view of the city that’ll blow your mind away.


Make time out of your day and climb the steps up to Coit Tower, it’ll make your buns burn but it’s totally worth it!

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