As a Mexican-American, I have always felt proud of my culture and my family’s story. And let’s face it, we, as in the latinx community, are pretty freakin cool! From family to culture, we take pride in who we are, where we come from and our ability to work hard. I mean, even the Kardashians want to be us, with Kylie practicing her bachata to Kim dressing up as Selena. I recently seen a Caucasian blogger couple wear Selena tees and talk about how they grew up with watching the Selena movie, and even though they don’t understand her music, it really resonates with them…….What!?

It’s safe to say that many want to be us and and so many are lucky enough to claim, Latina, Latino, Latinx, Chicano, Chicana, etc. Sadly being “cool” isn’t enough when it comes to so many social issues the latinx community faces. This presidential term has shown everyone’s true colors on where they stand for certain topics, and it’s also united so many communities. So many have spoken out and aren’t afraid to keep quit anymore. I recently saw a video of caucasian movie stars refusing to film, because the crew was all white. This was incredible to watch, and we has humans should always defend what’s right even if it doesn’t affect us directly. To see the Latinx community come together and support efforts and organizations in the masses, truly shows just how powerful we really are.

Which is why I was honored to be invited to the Hispanicize LA event in Los Angeles this year as a Social Media Ambassador. Hispanicize highlights those who have broken barriers in all fields from Latinx trendsetters to newsmakers in digital content creation, journalism, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship.

Three days filled with panels that included some of the most inspiring individuals, I walked away feeling empowered and proud to be who I am and where I am going. 

To be surrounded by individuals that broke through barriers and continue to break white space, gave me the confidence I needed to keep doing what I love, to keep applying for positions that seem intimidating, and to speak up and use my voice when something isn’t right. 

Each day consisted of multiple panels, delicious food and great music. I also got to hangout with my friend Ivonne from New York, she’s also a travel blogger. You can follow along her adventures @latinachictravels. 






We also made new friends and connections, these three days were so much fun and informative.I recommend attending the next conference or researching others that may be more fitting for you and your needs. It’s truly a great way to gain the confidence you may need to push forward, and you never know who you may meet!

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