Adios 2018!

taking the weekend to reflect back on 2018, learning from different experiences and looking ahead to 2019.

Love: This year was the year that Gavin and I ended our four year long distant relationship when he moved to San Francisco in July. Going from so much time apart to coexistence hasn’t been easy, and yet at the same time has been amazing. It took some time to figure out our rhythm and shape our relationship. We worked really hard and continue to do so. We set some goals down this past weekend, which include engagement, wedding planning, savings, and by 2020 deciding where we are going to live, LA or Ireland. we are excited to see what 2019 brings us.

Friendship: 2018 was the year I let go of the unknown reasons to why the friendships with some of my childhood friends came to an end sometime in 2017. To this day, I’m not sure what happened, or if there was anything I did or did not do. But I finally had to say “fuck it” and let go of the over thinking and over analyzing. By closing that door, so many people have come into my life that Im truly thankful for.

Work: I am grateful to have another year under my belt with Delta and to work along side amazing people. This year I flew to Atlanta to interview for flight attendant. The process was difficult but I successfully managed and was offered on the spot the position. I took some time to think about this life changing decision and realized I wasn’t ready. I respectfully declined and chose the path of marketing. As you read from my blog post, I ended up quitting and it was the best feeling ever! Two weeks later I was hired at a different company and so far I am loving it. I do juggle both jobs mainly because I am not ready to let go of Delta. I hold a special place in my heart for the airline world mainly because of the opportunities to see the world!

My blog has been doing great with steady growth and fun collaborations. From beauty products to conferences, I am grateful for each opportunity and excited for what’s next.

Travel: 2018 was filled with some fun trips. From starting the year off with a birthday in Catalina to ending it in Vegas for my best friend’s birthday. The best trip of the year was taking my mom on her first trip to Europe. We headed to Seville, Spain and it was everything we could dream of. I’m excited to for all the travels that are awaiting in 2019 and the adventures that await!

2018 has been a great a year and with each year come more and more opportunities for growth in so many areas. I am excited for 2019 and what it will bring!

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