The General Store

The Sunset is San Francisco’s hidden gem. Away from the hustle and bustle of downtown and blocks away from the ocean. Here you can find some of the best restaurants, shops and sunsets.

The lack of popularity from tourist gives the sunset a feeling of tranquility and familiarity. This doesn’t mean that you won’t find yourself standing in long lines at popular restaurants and cafes, especially on the weekends. 

My mom came up from Los Angeles to visit and we decided to go some local cafe’s and shops. We came across the General Store, and we were blown away by its beauty. You can find unique ceramics and wall hangings, along with really nice clothing. The best part in my opinion were the plants. Starting from the front of the store, through out the store and especially the back yard. The back yard is incredible due to the tall cacti and greenhouse. The vibe is very inviting to sit and relax, even if you aren’t purchasing anything. 

Next door is a coffee shop and a bookstore called Black Bird. The bookstore also has an amazing backyard to sit and relax in. They also sell beautiful cacti and this is where I bought the Mother of Pearls succulent I’ve been looking for. 

I am in love with these cute shops and backyards, and if you’re in the city, needing an escape, come check out this location!



















The Black Bird Bookstore 












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