Laundry has always been my favorite chore, especially when I was living with my parents. Having a washer and dryer located in the garage meant, I can wash anything at anytime. That somewhat changed since moving to the city. Having to lug your clothes to an offsite location can be tiresome and if you’re one of those people that wait in the actual laundromat, it can get boring.

Laundé has officially changed the game when it comes to laundry. Located in the Mission District, Laundré is a cafe and laundry mat. GENIUS! The cafe portion is beautifully designed with a big open space. there are seating along the windows, sofa seating, and a couple of tables. The menu ranges from avocado toast to sandwiches to açaí bowls. The food options are very healthy and the ingredients are unique. I ordered avocado toast and it was the fanciest avocado toast I have ever seen. There was a beet spread that made the toast look beautiful but it was an acquiring taste.

The laundromat portion looked like any ordinary laundromat but with a millennial twist. The washers and dryers accept change or debit/credit cards. You can get your washing and drying done in 45 mins while both machines are energy and gas savers. The cherry on top? FREE SOAP! Laundré wants to encourage eco friendly products that are good for you, their machines and the environment. Brownie points for Laundré for also giving back to the surrounding community, by allowing families to save some money!

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