hollow cafe

this sweet cafe, tucked in a small sliver on Irving Street, has been one of my favorite cafes since I moved to San Francisco.

Hollow Cafe, From the outside, this cafe looks very tiny, but the cafe does extend towards the back. Everyday you can find fresh pastries placed on the counter and friendly baristas that make delicious lattes. The vibe is very calm, there isn’t too much art on the wall, yet the lighting and jazz music make this place a great escape to enjoy the rain or a gloomy day.

I originally visited this place way back when, to try the Titanic. A mocha that’s poured into a ginormous cup and topped with an oversized marshmallow. It looks like an ice burg floating in your mocha. You can also order this as a matcha latte, and it’s just as delicious! Hollow doesn’t have WiFi, so this wouldn’t be an ideal place to work but it’s perfect to read your favorite book or stay warm on a rainy day.

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