30 AF!

OMG I am 30!!!

I cant believe that this day has come, and on the morning of, I woke saying “OMG Im 30! I keep looking back through my twenties and it’s crazy to think how much has changed, and for the better. When I was in my teens, I had my whole life-plan planned out, degree by 23, married by 26, and my whole family complete by 30. L O L God had/ has a much bigger plan, and I am thankful for every step of the way.

My 20’s consisted of moving to San Francisco, graduating college, starting my blog, meeting the love of my life, letting go of old friends, making new friends and so much traveling. The friends that I have made and the destinations I have travelled to, I am all so thankful for. Each has taught me more and more about myself and shaped the way I see the world. The best accomplishment I can say I achieved was the opportunity to find and use my voice. When I was much younger, I didn’t know how to speak up for myself or for others when I felt like I should. I was always afraid of being rude or sounding stupid. With time, especially when living on your own and dating dumb boys (not you gavin *side eye* lol) I learned to speak up and care less what the other person may think. I saved so much time by asking questions and speaking up and little by little you weed out the people that aren’t worth a second of your time in your life!

My advice for the 19 year olds or those in their early 20’s reading this is to travel your hearts out! Move away from home and find out who you are when away from home. If you’re looking into colleges, try to go far enough where you have to move out of your house. Find that will in you and make it happen. I had to work two jobs and go to school, majority of my college years. My last school year, I finally was able to get financial aid that help with living costs. I was determined to make it work, and it did. When it comes to traveling, yes it can be expensive. There was no way i could travel the world like i did if i didn’t work for an airline. I wanted to see the world, and literally worked for travel. I made friends along the way and hold a passport full of stamps and stories to tell when I’m in a rocking chair. So get out and experience something more than your hometown and your everyday norm. Like my parents told me, my home and family will always be there, and when something goes wrong or need anything, I know where to find them.

Now that I’m 30, I have a few goals already written down. Gavin and I sat down the weekend before 2019, and complied a list together. Goals we achieve together and personal goals. So here they are…

  1. Do one  solo trip a year
  2. A trip undocumented
  3. Save more $$$$$
  4. Invest my $$$$$
  5. Save for a home (LA? SD? Ireland?)
  6. Move to Ireland, LA or San Diego
  7. Marriage & a family.

All my friends and family and even strangers have all told me that 30s are the best years. It feels like 30 is the new 21. I am starting to see why and can’t wait for what the next decade has in store. Here’s to being thirty, flirty & thriving!

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