Every year around this Nordstrom releases pre-fall items at a discounted price for a limited time that will eventually go up in price. In order to shop early, you’ll need to have a Nordstrom card. They have three options, the most dangerous, is the Visa store card allowing you to purchase items outside Nordstrom. The store card, the somewhat safe if used responsibly, this card is a credit card for Nordstrom purchases only. And last but not least, my favorite, the Nordstrom debit card. This card is attached to your bank account and uses your money, not loaned money. You still get all the perks, without the interest and potential debt.

There are so many items up that will make you feel fabulous this fall. As much as I want to buy everything, one thing I always ask myself is “can I find this somewhere else, like on Amazon or Forever 21”. I uses to work at Nordstrom and one of the disappointments I’ve come to realize is that many items are made in China or in some other foreign factory. Many items are not cheap, so why the expensive price tag? Beats me!

None the less, I have found many items that are made well for the price point. Read the tags, know your materials, and then you can determine whats worth the $$$. I personally like to shop leggings and boots during the sale. Both have lasted me years, which makes the $$$ worth it.

So here are some items that made me say “oooo need that!”. Ive been searching high and low for some black booties, and I think I found them (listed below). We shall see when they arrive in the mail! I might have bought some other items that are listed below, and I’ll share those with you later! Until then happy shopping!

P.s if you see something online that isn’t listed, let me know so i can add it here. Remember all the commission made will go to RAISES, the amazing organization thats helping the families and individuals at the border!


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