Mariah Carey In Amsterdam

72 hours in Amsterdam

No better time spent than a girls trip to Amsterdam to see the queen herself, Mariah Carey. This trip was special in so many ways but before we dive into that, shout out to KLM! KLM has a direct flight to AMS from SFO. The plan was to have more time in Amsterdam but a job interview came up last minute. So catching a ride with KLM was the only way I could make it time for the concert. The flight was oversold by 5 and I didn’t think I would make it on since I was flying standby. They were halfway done with boarding and I figured I would go check in with the gate agent, thinking they would tell me they were full. I was on the phone with Gavin making plans to stop by In n Out, after he picked me up from the airport. Instead, the gate agent handed me a boarding pass, A BUSINESS CLASS BOARDING PASS. I almost fainted as I asked the gate agent, “Is this a mistake!?”. Usually employees from other airlines are never cleared in first or business class. He reassured me it was fine and I was cleared to go to Amsterdam. 

KLM’s business class and service is no joke. From signature cocktails to lobster starters served in fine china, to the jumbo TV screens, I didn’t know how to act. I just sat there, waiting for someone to tell me there was a mistake made and I would have to go sit in 40B. As soon as that plane door was closed, I instantly felt happy and grateful. The flight attendant was so kind and took such good care of everyone. A unique token KLM offers, as we descended, are china made traditional styled homes found in Amsterdam. The FA said KLM has different ones for each flight and people love to collect them. This was such a cute and unique idea, a great way to take away something physical from your flight experience. 

Time in Amsterdam was spent walking around the city during the day. It was a rainy and cold day so we spent the majority of time eating and walking around. We first stopped by a favorite french fry stand and then ate mini pancakes in a cafe. We walked along the canals and enjoyed the day, taking in the beautiful scenery and cute corners Amsterdam has to offer. Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready. Gavin and I visited Amsterdam for a weekend, years ago and the same french fry stand was at the top of our list. I was glad to see it still there with a big crowd at it. It’s always an interesting experience to revisit a destination. You notice more details that maybe weren’t there before and you find yourself reflecting about who you were then and who you are now. 

Later that evening we headed over to the Ziggo Dome for the concert. I wore all black with snake print booties and a shaggy cardigan from Amazon. I didn’t know what to expect from the concert, I kept hoping that it would be decent after seeing many past videos of Mariah Carey flopping. I was looking forward to hearing her older songs and having an amazing time with my friends. Surprisingly, she put on a really awesome show. She sang most of her hits along with some awesome throwbacks. She sounded great live and the environment was exciting. Since the show was not sold out, the staff ended up giving us better seats closer to the stage. We were able to experience her diva moments up close and personal, it was awesome! She wore beautiful sparkly gowns, dresses and bodysuits, hit her famous high notes and over all put on a fantastic show. 

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