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The past ten years have been my best chapter yet. From moving to San Francisco, to traveling the world, to meeting Gavin. Being 30 in 2020 has me thinking about what the next ten years hold. I have hope and desires, and one can only pray that God and the universe have the same plans. Ending 2019, for me, means leaving all the shitty experiences behind me and take lessons with me. 2019 started off on a low note, and things didn’t seem to get much easier. My relationship with Gavin hit a low, my intentions of a career change were put to the ultimate test, thus mentaly sinking into a hole. I am not one that likes to ask for help, or feel like I am a burden. But with these lows, I was forced to be even more open with my friends and family. I always knew how amazing my family are and these lows made me realise just how lucky I am to have an amazing circle of friends. With help, Gavin and I have and continue to reach new highs.  With help, I learned that everything always works out, no matter what. With help, I continue to learn more about myself and how to control the things that are controllable. 2019 had many highs as well and those are what I chose to share. These photos with Gavin, I love so much. We had so much fun during this shoot, but I felt like I couldn’t share these in an authentic way because we, as a couple, were not in a great place for multiple reasons. All of these trials and lessons have pulled us all the way back on a catapult and we are ready to shoot into 2020. 

Starting the year off on a high note, and with so much love for ourselves and each other, there’s no stopping us. I am starting the year in a dream position that I thought would never happen, and I thank God and my guardian angels for being with me through it all. My career path, I believe I finally found the perfect match for what I enjoy doing with a combination of what I am passionate about. My relationship with Gavin continues to grow more every day. And my relationship with myself is at all time high as I continue to learn more about myself and learn to take better care of me.

Some personal goals that I want to implement starting this year are more of a different approach of what I currently enjoy; intentional shopping, achieving financial freedom, and doing more, scrolling less.

Intentional Shopping. I never really thought about how or where clothes come from. Or what products are harmful to us and the environment. Two years ago, the airline I work for changed their uniforms. The dyes and finishing products used, caused skin irritations and more. I started talking to some of the flight attendants that were substituting the uniform with black and wjhite clothing. Each one expressed their side effects from the uniform. One in particular expressed her lymph nodes would swell and when she did blood work , there were high levels of metals that shouldn’t be in her blood. This scared the crap out of me and I expressed that I constantly getting vertigo while at work and bumps on my neck that look like pimples. She added me to a facebook group and expressed that these symptoms are common among many in the group. This made me think “what’s really in our clothes!?”. I started the year with a closet purge and plan on thrifting more, looking into rental companies, buy less trendy pieces and more classics. When it comes to beauty products, I am trying to replace my package items with naked packing from Lush. And when it comes to my diet, trying to buy less meat, try to buy from farmers markets aaaaaand I really wanted a Nespresso but when I realized the pods take 500 years to decompose, I decided to keep grinding my own coffee, keep using my Asobu brewing products and I bought a milk frother that has changed my coffee game to a new high! Making better decisions in all, will lead to saving more money in the long run, which leads to my second goal.

Financial Freedom. Talking about money is no-no for whatever reason, and the majority of humans are in debt, yet no one talks about it. Why!? As much as I would like to believe that money isn’t everything, it really is. Do we need millions to be happy, no. But in order to provide for yourself, your future, your family, causes that you believe in, you need money. I want to learn how to be smart with money, how to save, invest, how to buy stock and above all, how to enjoy it. There needs to be a balance. I saw my grandfather die a millionaire and his evil wife (not my grandmother) steal majority of it. He was a simple man, and no one knew how rich he was. He was a smart man that had stocks and multiple savings, and it all went to someone else. I wish he taught us how to be smart with money, but the only lesson I took was to enjoy your money because you never know when you’ll die. I want to achieve a balance of enjoying my money and being financially savvy. So every Monday, will my “$$ Monday. Every week I will share what I learned and what I save, we can grow our accounts and knowledge together. This is the chart I will be following, 10,000 by 2021. 

Scroll Less and Do More.I am going to put my attention more in the things I need to do versus wasting time scrolling through IG. Creating more for my blog, more for my growth and peace of mind. Social media, in my opinion is great. It has given so many people the opportunity to break beauty standards. What I don’t like is the facetune and photoshop. The whole point of breaking away from magazines was to highlight the imperfections we all have. It’s easy to get caught up in comparing your life with someone else’s. So I started to unfollow that do zero service to my life. In return I want to share more than just travel and fashion, and share with you how to reach financial freedom on “Monday Mondays” and five things I am loving on “Friday Favorites”. Great ways to start and end the week. 

No matter what your goals are, be gentle and realistic. Remember that our life is a marathon, and no matter what this year holds, good or bad, each holds a lesson. I wish you all nothing but the best! So here’s to the same us, continuously growing and thriving, no matter what path we are on!

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