Friday Faves

Away Luggage: One of the top things I invested in was in this luggage. I have gone through three carry-ons. Smart bags have been around for a while now and have become just that, smart. When smart bags first rolled out, they were such a hassle. For one, the brands marketed them as TSA approved, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact they were dangerous when the battery pack was attached while in flight. Then passengers would throw fits when they had to open their whole luggage to get to the battery pack and remove it, just to find out they needed special tools to open it. So many people missed their flights. Then I saw the price of the bag I instantly said, Nope not worth it! With time and changes of smart bags and learning more about Away, I started to think, maybe it is worth it. One of the two pros that made me consider the purchase was the lifetime warranty. If something happens to the bag, they will repair or replace it. The second pro was that this bag was guaranteed to fit in any overhead bin space, which took a load of stress out of checking my carry-on because it was a little too big. The the Bigger Carry On, the amount of clothes that you can pack is incredible. For my Bali trip, I was able to pack more than 10 outfits, I was shocked. The suitcase also comes with a portable charger that really comes in handy. The only hard part about making this purchase is choosing a color that will be with you forever. Black was too basic, and the tan or white would get dirty too quickly, so I went with the grey. Since my purchase they came out with so many different colors and finishes.

My Passport: The true ticket to access the world. If you haven’t made this purchase, run don’t walk to your nearest post office. You never know when the opportunity will arise for you to fly out of the country and when that opportunity is there, you should have your passport ready. Having a USA issued passport is such a privilege. There’s only a handful of countries that require us to have a visa, and even then, the process to obtain that visa is easy. I love looking at my collection of stamps and reflecting on all the memories made. This was the best thing I bought myself and the process wasn’t too bad. All I did was bring an application, ID, and birth certificate to the post office. They took my photo and sent out my application. Two weeks later, I had the golden ticket to see the world.

OUAI Wave Spray: My favorite wave spray. My hair is naturally wavy. I typically either straighten or curl it. I sadly, haven’t taken the time to learn how to style my natural hair. But when I am on a vacation, especially where it’s hot or humid, the last thing I want to do is have heat from a blow dryer blowing at me. I tried many products throughout my life but this spray is the only one that I have bought over and over again. The sea salt texturizes my hair without weighing down my waves and it smells amazing!!! My hair looks and smells great when I use this product.

La Roche Posay Face Sunblock: By far my favorite sunblock. It’s a pretty penny found at almost any drug store, but it’s worth it. What sets this sunblock apart from the others? The fact that it literally seeps into the skin. You have to apply it quickly because this product absorbs fast. The mineral solution is great to add to any foundation, bb cream,  face cream, etc. The true test of how well sunblocks work for me is during the summer, sitting out at Treasure Island, watching Gavin play football. There’s been time when I used other brands, and still come home sunburnt. The days that I used La Roche Posay products, there’s not one red mark on my face or body. Sun damage can lead to many unwanted effects to the skin, so it’s extremely important to take care, and protect it.

Cat Eye Sunglasses: The only pair that fits my face! I have tried on so many different cat eye glasses, and could never find the right fit, until I came across these in a Nordstrom. During fall or Spring, I love these glasses. I always have a hard time finding a good pair of sunglasses, and when I finally find them, I need to get them. So far, these have been the most versatile, adding a touch of retro glam to my life. 

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