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Hola! Im Raquel Avalos known as Raquel San Francisco on Instagram. I am a Mexican-American blogger, originally from Los Angeles, currently living in San Francisco and traveling the world for fun!

I have always had a deep passion for fashion, travel and photography. In the summer of 2014, I started working for a prestigious airline and over the years I created ‘Raquel San Francisco’ a fun, modern twist to “Carmen San Diego”. Here is where I share my travels, experiences, and a personal project called Shop with Intention.

Shop with Intention is taking on a twist to shopping. Many may think they can’t afford to donate money to causes they care about and that may be true. None the less we buy something everyday, from needs to wants. To shop with intention means you can buy anything form your everyday toothpaste to those fancy pair of shoes through the links I provide. Thanks to Reward Style, the commission made from your purchases, 100% will be donated to an organization thats catering to a current issue. Today I have choses RAISES, to support them supporting the families at the border. Don’t see something you need or want? let me know and I’ll add to my site!

My passion for travel, fashion and helping other continues to stem from my endless curiosity of exploring new countries, experiencing new cultures and creating memories. I am now lucky enough to create unique travel, fashion & lifestyle content around the world in hopes that it inspires YOU.

Curious to see what I’m up to right now? Take a peek into my life on Instagram!

Contact Me:

INSTAGRAM: @raquelsanfrancisco  ||  PINTEREST || TWITTER: @holaraquel
EMAIL: holaraquell@icloud.com

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