96 hours in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The original plan for this vacay was to go to the Dominican Republic but due to bad weather we decided the night before to go to Cabo, Mexico. I’ve flew to Mexico plenty of times but never to any americanized resort location.


WHERE TO STAY: We booked a hotel right before taking off to Mexico. We stayed in the heart of Cabo in a hotel called Tesoro. Our experience here started off all wrong. We only needed one room for three people. The website automatically put two people for the one room. When we checked in they wanted to charge 80 dollars more for the third person PER NIGHT! There were so many other parties in the lobby that had the same problem. The hotel staff wouldn’t budge, nor would we. The hotel is in a key location and theres small stores attached the hotel. We found a souvenir shop that sold bottled beer for a dollar. So we grabbed a few beers and hung out in the lobby.




The staff finally agreed to lower the price for the third person and upgraded our room. We never saw the original room so I’m not sure if it was really an upgrade. Regardless, the hotel was really nice and clean. Our room was pretty big and shared a big balcony looking over the water. And walking distance to everything.







WHERE TO EAT: There’s only two places you need to eat at while in Cabo. Tacos Guss & La Taquiza. We ate breakfast at the hotel, which was really good. They had Mexican-American style food. Lunch, dinner and our late night meals were all at Tacos Guss. The food here is like no other. You can eat til your full and still want more because its just that good! The food was also really inexpensive. We decided to try another place, so we went to La Taquiza, and these tacos were just as amazing. I would go back just to eat at these restaurants. Get your tacos in tortillas de harina (flour tortillas) they’re NOTHING like the ones in the US. IMG_9416.jpg









WHAT TO DO: We spent most of our time relaxing by the pool and drinking pina coladas. We also wanted to go snorkeling. We bought tickets for the jungle cruise… this is not a snorkeling expedition boat, its a booze cruise. We had all the intentions of going snorkeling. We packed our backpacks with sun block, rash guards, etc. and when we arrived the boat was packed with spring breakers, a huge container of jungle juice and the captain smoking weed. It ended up being super fun and we got to see the famous arch and jump off the boat to swim over to the small island. The boat ride was about 4 hours and included drinks and food. The total cost was 30 bucks each.

DSC02227 2.jpgIMG_9454.jpgDSC02306.jpgDSC02320.jpgIMG_9502.JPG48304F75-6BAE-4330-88C9-4B8D8CEB098D.jpgDSC02292 2.jpgDSC02322.jpg

WHERE TO PARTY: each night we went somewhere different. I prefer going to a bar or lounge before going to a club. There’s a handful of fun bars and a lot of over the top clubs. Sangrias Bar was fun to pregame. They have dollar bills all over the walls that past visit hung up with their names written on it. There was a hookah bar we went too as well that was fun. Squid Row and La Vaquita were fun clubs but like said they are over the top and full of spring breakers. IMG_9624.JPGIMG_9573.JPGIMG_9582.JPG


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